26 januari 2018

Dear Bill Gates

you're probably used to the annual press release stating: the rich are getting richer owning as much as half the worlds poorest people do. 

The report is timely presented just before the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. It's aim: to urge attending companies, politicians, visionary leaders, researchers and non profits to collaborate on global challenges such as poverty & inequality and integrate them in the transformation into the 4th Industrial Revolution*.

As you made your fortune in IT, the catalyst of the 3rd Industrial Revolution, built one of the largest companies in the world and work in impact investment, a catalyst for societal & environmental returns, you have a unique set of skills, expertise, network and financial means.

I challenge you to buy a dozen listed companies

In basic needs & impact tech sectors and transform the companies into ''model'' New Capitalism companies offering solutions to societal challenges. Without undermining profitability, because without profit and growth the companies will perish and so will their societal solutions.

A dozen companies as beacons & examples to stress the urgency of inclusive basic needs and impact tech's leapfrog promise to accelerate & scale solutions rapidly & globally.

Private but Public Equity Capital
I know impact investing is often considered as mainly a private equity investment activity, but the UN Sustainable Development Goals specifically include all private capital & companies to pursue these Global Goals.
Super Sustainable sector leaders, especially in Europe, have embraced the SDGs, but American companies seem to be inert or lag behind**. As do most traditional small & midcap companies considering ESG: Environmental, Social & Governance policies a luxury they cannot afford.

Perfect timing
Many politicians made sure ''they didn't waste a good crisis'' for reform and future proof transformations during the last global financial & credit crisis. Companies can use the present economic progress to invest in sectoral challenges and opportunities. Mission Possible, but you have to start today to think at least ten years from now.

Unique instrument
A dozen show cases of listed companies fast forwarding the 4th Industrial Revolution incorporating the UN's SDGs in their mission, strategy and tactics can inspire, lead, offer a road map and save on (capital) investments.
It has never been done before

Why listed companies?

Because of their financial transparency educating financial analysts on strategies towards New Capitalism, so to avoid decades of discussion on the return of responsibly & sustainably managed companies. Also a dozen case studies in the here & now are much sexier than educating analysts and intermediaries on Facts & Figures, Trends, visions etc. 

Obviously the model companies will be(come) integrated reporters (GRI), publish ESG performance and impact metrics.

Listed companies are ''inclusive'' for (retail) investors. Being catalysts for the 4th Industrial Revolution gives them opportunity to attract new and bigger investors***, get access to (cheaper) capital and new customers in their new marketing strategy of societal solutions (revenue & profit).

Private equity may get better returns but the public listed equity market is much larger & better regulated. It will attract more investors (back) in the present economic climate because of it's safeguards from regulation & legislation.

An iconic initiative in transforming listed companies will affect the financial system and global economy on a much larger scale than exclusive, less transparent private equity investments.

We need a skilled entrepreneur, with knowledge of global challenges & experience in sustainable & impact investing as strategic theory of change.
My proposal is a tactical move with exponential effect on financial markets.

Are you game?

kind regards,

Alcanne Houtzaager

Inclusive² Impact Investing
Tools & Thoughtpieces

*** The introduction of Green or Climate Bonds in 2007 has sparked a market with over 1560billion US$ in emissions in 2017 with expectations for 2-018 ranging from 250-300 Billion US$. Www.Climatebonds.net

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