11 april 2018

The Netherlands : Accelerator for Impact Investing

Today is a special day for #impactinvesting world champion the Netherlands. Dutch #Bcorp @WakawakaLight is the first European social enterprise to list at our SME stock exchange NPEX.

Wakawaka offers solar lightning & powerbanks in both developed, emerging & developing markets such as offgrid rural Africa & refugee camps. Wakawaka can claim to contribute to 14 of the 17 UN's Sustainable Development Goals and especially #SDG7, #SDG4, #SDG3 & #SDG13

An impact Investments Fundraising Journey
Wakawaka started it's inclusive fundraising via Kickstarter, then worked with Dutch platform' Symbid, did a barter deal, then a convertible loan via Oneplanetcrowd, 100% crowdfunding for impact
And today it is listing at our SME stock exchange NPEX. NPEX which already offers interesting impact investment opportunities, expects to raise 20Mio Euro in the coming quarter, having raised 55Mio Euro since it's launch.

This is the new how-to for social enterprises looking for financing:
#inclusive #impactinvesting
 The Netherlands is world champion #impactinvesting because institutional investors, banks & insurers, are really serious about CSR, SRI, ESG & Thematic investing and have been for decades. Dutch financials are enthusiastic members of the exclusive Global Impact Investing Network theGIIN.org and can take credit for the majority of impact investments gathered for their annual survey of large -10Mio+ US$ AuM- impact investors. Source: VBDO (NLSIF) survey 2016*.

Parallel to big finance's exclusive impact investing The Netherlands has a fast growing** #inclusive impact investing industry using regulated crowdfunding platforms as a way to steer money towards New Capitalism's** companies. The new licence to operate is ''offering solutions to societal challenges''. 

TheGIIN referred to online crowdfunding, especially in the Netherlands, as an important channel for the Future of Impact Investing comparing it to situation in the US ''which mainly draws small circles of accredited angel investors'' according to Luni Libes investorflow.org Luni is really interested in the Dutch crowdfunding market and has very interesting impact investees ….
Luni also collects data on impact investors and their contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and this it what it looks like:

 Now compare this to the SDG contribution of Dutch NN IM, winner of the ''best impact investment product'' in 2017.

With the Democratization of Finance through eg robo advisors & crowdfunding platforms, new investors such as Women & Millennials entering the market and a rapid developing insight in Total Return on investment i.e. + positive & negative impact, I know where the money is going to go.

You see it too?

Alcanne Houtzaager

**68%+ in 1Q2018 compared to 2017. Total market in 2017 223 Mio E. & +31%.
Guestimate of direct for impact investments 25%, but access to capital for start ups & SME's ia always an impact investment since it is the most important creator of jobs. #work.

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